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Geography Picture Books – Book Stacks

Book Stacks | February 11, 2021

Tough choice here…..

Travel through history. Circumnavigate the globe in Magellan’s World, then voyage around the bottom of Africa in A Long and Uncertain Journey, see your way through the impenetrable fog and crushing ice in Beyond the Sea of Ice, and finally, travel from Montreal to the Gulf of Mexico via the Great Lakes and the Mississippi in Despite All Obstacles.

by Adrianne Curwen

Adrianne is a wife to a public-school educator/administrator and a homeschooling Mama to seven children, ranging in age from 7 to 23. She believes that we have a unique opportunity as homeschoolers to design individualized education that suits giftings, interests, and passions. She and her husband have used a blend of registered homeschooling, enrolment with independent DL schools, and participation in public trade school programs to design individualized programs for their children.  She is passionate about using as many read-alouds, picture books, novels, and conversations to educate her children but also gets excited by the amazing homeschool-designed curriculum that’s out there.  Adrianne is thrilled by her new role as Communication Specialist for Classical Education Books and is grateful to have an opportunity to learn something new.  She is grateful, every day, for her saviour, Jesus Christ, and has no greater joy than when she sees her most important missions field walk with Him.

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