Each page spread in this Book of Centuries represents a period of time with space on the right to enter dates and information, and a blank page on the left where you can draw events or items of interest relating to the time period.

Because it isn’t split strictly into centuries it may be called more of a timeline and isn’t strictly what CM used, however I hope you find it useful.

Depending on the period a page represents from 1,000 years to 10 as follows-
Prehistory – 3 spreads
6,000-3,000bc – 1,000 years per spread
2000bc-1600ad – 100 years per spread
1601-1800ad – 50 years per spread
1801-1900ad – 20 years per spread
1901-onwards – 10 years per spread

For more information about keeping a Book of Centuries check out this page by myhomeschool.com.au. I had been procrastinating about getting one made for a long time until Michelle gave me the nudge I needed.

The only difference between the BC/AD and BCE/CE is the dating format