A CiRCE Guide to Reading

By: Andrew Kern and Andrea Lipinski


From the publisher:

• LEARN how to experience a question-driven dialogue with a book.

• LEARN how reading in layers provides an appropriate form for perceiving truth.

• LEARN how highlighters and pens aid our reading experience.

• LEARN tools that equip readers to think about & wrestle with a text.

• LEARN how to experience the deep pleasures, riches, & comforts stories offer.


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A note from Andrew Kern:

” For some years I have practiced a multi-layered and super-flexible approach to reading that avoids the obsessiveness and hyper-analysis of most of what is taught in our schools.

It involves elements of speed-reading, elements of close-reading, and elements of humane-reading.

I’ve taught this approach to students and apprentices over the years so a number of you may have already learned at least pieces of it.

One amazing thing to me about this approach is that I’ve heard from both Oxford scholars and parents of students with learning disabilities how helpful it is. That is because, I believe, it attends not to the thousand differences we all develop in our approaches to reading (most of which are glorious and idiosyncratic) but to the essential things we all do by virtue of the fact that we are humans engaged in the act of reading. 

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