Advanced Spelling & Vocabulary

By: James B. Webster, Ph.D. Andrew Pudewa Maria Gerber


Using the same auditory, frequency, and mastery approach as The Phonetic Zoo, these nine modules of MP3 spelling and vocabulary lessons supplement your student’s other subjects.

This program is intended for self-directed study, with students independently learning and testing their knowledge.

The student begins by listening to the MP3, which gives him a spelling test. The words are presented and used in a sentence. After the student spells all the words, the correct spelling is given on the MP3 along with the definition of the word. The student takes the same test every day until he obtains 100% before moving on to the next test. Thus, the student can practice spelling and hearing the definition of the words until he achieves mastery.

Each module has four lessons with 24 words per lesson. This course comes on two CD-ROMs, containing all nine modules and a PDF booklet with full instructions and the list of words and definitions.

This complete course includes all nine modules:

  • Art & Architecture
  • Bible & Theology
  • Business & Economics
  • Government & Law
  • Greek & Latin Word Roots
  • Health & Science
  • Literature
  • Music

Additional Information

Weight .15 kg
Dimensions 8 × 6 × .3 in


Published Date

Fourth Edition, October 2011


James B. Webster, Ph.D.
Andrew Pudewa
Maria Gerber


Institute for Excellence in Writing




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