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This is a one-time purchase, and the components will be used throughout the entire All About Reading series.

The All About Reading program is multisensory, and the Reading Interactive Kit contains components that enable your child to learn through sight, sound, and touch. All items in the Deluxe Reading Interactive Kit are non-consumable and reuseable.

The following items are included in the Deluxe Reading Interactive Kit:

Please note: If you already have a Spelling Interactive Kit from the All About Spelling program, you only need to purchase the Reading Divider Cards to complete your Reading Interactive Kit.

What Is a Reading Interactive Kit?

You’ll need a Reading Interactive Kit in order to teach Levels 1-4 of the All About Reading program. The kit does two main things:

  • The Letter Tiles and Phonogram Sounds app provide multisensory learning tools so your student learns more quickly and retains what is taught.
  • The Reading Review Box and Divider Cards help you customize your student’s review and stay organized.

This is a one-time purchase, and you will use the same kit for the entire All About Reading series.

Note: The Reading Interactive Kit is not needed for the Pre-reading program.

What’s Included in the Reading Interactive Kit?

There are two versions of the Reading Interactive Kit: Basic and Deluxe.

Chart of what's included in the Reading Interactive Kit

Product Description

Set Includes:

Letter Tiles
Phonogram Sounds App
All About Reading – Divider Cards
All About Reading – Review Box
All About Reading – Tote Bag

Additional Information

Weight 1.7 kg
Dimensions 11 × 8.5 × 3.9 in

All About Learning Press


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