This brand-new study guide covers the mysterious and fascinating Ancient world, when humankind was making leaps and bounds as the written word was established, the wheel invented, and ziggurats and pyramids arose amid societies we usually think of as rudimentary.

Ninety-eight lessons will take your 5th-8th grader from the beginnings of civilization in Mesopotamia and Sumer, on to ancient Egypt, through the wanderings of the Jews and the splitting of the Israelites into the Kingdoms of Israel and Judah, to the cradle of democracy, ancient Greece, and into the rising Roman Empire and the birth of Christianity. From the ziggurats of Babylon to the first Christian churches in England, follow the drama of the human story. Our study guide provides the structure you want and the flexibility you need to successfully teach this complex time period.

Each section is built around engaging and historically accurate literature. Hands-on activities add depth to the history while vocabulary lists, comprehension questions, research topics, and web links make this both an academically strong study and one that will engage your entire family in stimulating discussions.