his strikingly original art instruction book for children was devised by the successful artist who is also the author of a popular children’s series that tells fascinating stories about many of the world’s great artists. Author Laurence Anholt emphasizes freedom and creativity as he tutors boys and girls through seven art projects in the same way that they might have been taught by such masters as Monet, Degas, and others. For example, kids are shown how to—
Make a funky junk sculpture that resembles several works by Picasso
Paint a portrait in the style of Van Gogh
Make an action sculpture like Degas’s dancing figures
Construct colorful cutout art in the style of Matisse
Work with wild, wet watercolors in imitation of Monet
Design a mad, marvelous machine like those constructed by Leonardo
Take a charcoal challenge in the style of Cézanne
Guided by Anholt’s easy-to-follow format, kids will also find many tips and secrets to help them develop creative confidence.