Anno’s China (Paperback)

By: Mitsumasa Anno


Allow Anno to be your guide to China. Through delightfully detailed watercolors, readers will explore this vast and varied land where calligraphers bestow good fortune, birds fish for men, and dragons dance. Stand with Anno on the Great Wall, visit bustling villages where the streets are waterways and everyone, even horses and bulls, travel by boat. Learn how flocks of ducks are herded on rivers and witness the discovery of thousands of clay soldiers guarding the ancient tomb of China’s first emperor.

Product Description

In addition to the beautiful scenes, the author has included detailed notes in the back of the book that explain his journey and much of the detail in each scene, while still allowing the reader to discover things on their own. These notes draw out the various features of each scene which helps to teach the reader about Chinese culture.

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Mitsumasa Anno


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