This brand-new title in Laurence Anholt’s children’s series about famous artists recounts an adventure experienced by Paul, a little boy who is named after his father, Paul Cézanne. The elder Cézanne had been away from home for so long that the boy has difficulty recognizing his father when he joins him on a painting expedition in the mountains of southern France. They quickly become fast friends, and the artist takes pleasure in painting a portrait of his apple-cheeked son. Most of his paintings, however, are landscapes of the mountain country where they are camping. The people who live nearby laugh at the artist’s pictures, which they think are poor. But young Paul admires his father’s work—and he isn’t alone. A picture dealer from Paris happens to be in the region, and when he sees Cézanne’s paintings, he thinks they are wonderful. Before long, Cézanne becomes famous and wealthy. Laurence Anholt’s illustrations include several reproductions of Cézanne’s famous paintings.