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Handwriting lessons can be a delight!

Delightful Handwriting uses Charlotte Mason’s gentle and effective methods to make handwriting lessons a delight. Your child will naturally progress from copying simple initial strokes to letters to words to wonderful phrases and sentences.

With Delightful Handwriting you will

  • Confidently Guide Your Child—The step-by-step lesson plans in the teacher book and easy-to-use student copybook help you teach your child to write as he is ready.
  • Reinforce the Habit of Attention—Short lessons (5–10 minutes) cultivate the habit of focused attention for the whole lesson.
  • Cultivate the Habit of Best Effort—The clean, minimal layout of the student copybook emphasizes quality over quantity.
  • Accommodate Left-Hand or Right-Hand Writing—The student copybook’s unique spiral-at-the-top design makes it easy for little hands to work without any obstacles in their handwriting path.
  • Give Your Child a Sense of Accomplishment—Students begin copying words early in the lessons to use the letters as they are learned.
  • Strengthen Reading Confidence—Words and copywork selections are taken from the Delightful Reading program (optional) to reinforce and review words your child can read if you are also using that program.