The Award-winning Early American History Through Literature study guide has been completely revised and expanded . Now in full-color it includes additional books, resources, activities, comprehension questions, and web links. This guide will take you and your K-3 students from the year 1000 AD with the Vikings discoveries, exploration, colonization, Revolution and Western Expansion to the mid-1800’s with the Civil War. Used as a one or two year study, parents will read aloud award-winning literature from great authors such as the D’Aulaires, Walter Edmonds, Alice Dalgliesh, Clyde Robert Bulla and others. Organized into easily followed lessons, students ( and parents!) will learn the history of America along with corresponding biblical principles, poetry, geography, character studies and much more! Though designed as a one-year course, it can be stretched to two years, depending on your pace. Contains 107 lessons and it is suggested that 2-3 lessons be completed each week.

Be sure to download the free picture packet that accompanies this study. These are coloring pictures referenced in the Teacher Guide.