Earth Science: Gods World, Our Home – Textbook

By: Kevin Nelstead


Uniting the historic Christian faith with up-to-date geological science, This is the textbook that many Christian educators have longed for.

Earth Science is presented in a style aimed at drawing students into close engagement with the subject matter, providing a solid education and fostering a sense of wonder and responsibility for God’s amazing world.


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This text is perfect for middle school-aged students. It includes all the popular characteristics of Novare textbooks: smaller profile, vibrant, original, and relevant graphics, lucid conversational prose, and an approach that connects students with real-world science as stewards of God’s creation.

And of course, Novare’s guiding principles of Mastery, Integration, and Kingdom perspective are woven throughout this text. Mastery learning is felt in the way key concepts, definitions, and skills are repeatedly brought up so that students rehearse and reencounter materials with a view toward more thorough retention of course content. We integrate relevant subjects such as mathematics, history, language skills, measurement, and more to both enhance the reading and demonstrate the connections that exist between all subjects.

And Novare’s Kingdom Perspective is evident in the attribution of the marvels of creation to God’s creative power. Author Kevin Nelstead regularly draws the reader to appreciate the intricacy and excellence of God’s works, tying in scripture where appropriate. Earth Science should be about much more than learning about rocks and mountains and the seasons. Think about how huge God’s mandate to humans is that we are to steward and exhibit vice regency over creation! The best Christian curriculum will bring students into the wonder of God’s astounding creation and foster the mind of a gracious and caring steward.

Within the context of the fascinating study of landforms, minerals and planetary phenomena, many other timely and important topics are covered including conservation of natural resources, climate change, pollution, environmental justice, and the current scientific consensus concerning geologic history.

This text, like others from Novare, includes learning objectives at the beginning of each chapter, Learning Checks along the way to review what has been covered, and exercises as the end of each chapter. There is no teacher’s manual, workbook, test book, or separate experiment manual for this text.

All that is needed is the Digital Resources.


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