A perfect complement to Exploring Creation with Botany, the Botany Notebooking Journal provides everything your student needs to complete his study of botany. Not only does it include all the wonderful features of the other notebooking journals, it also includes an alternative Cold Climate Schedule as well as many additional activities, projects and experiments that can be completed in one day or less.

This notebooking journal will serve as your child’s individual notebook, providing a place for him to complete every assignment in the text. He will illustrate and record fascinating facts and information learned during each lesson, complete the notebooking assignments on specially designed templates, record experiments, activities and projects, complete vocabulary crossword puzzles, put together beautifully designed miniature books, and more!

What’s included in the Botany Notebooking Journal:

• A Suggested Schedule for completing the readings, notebooking assignments, activities and experiments utilizing a two-day per week plan

• Fascinating Facts templates for your student to record what he or she learned in each lesson, using both words and illustrations

• Creative templates for completing the Notebooking Assignments

• Review Questions for each lesson, which can be answered orally or in writing as a written narration

• Scripture Copywork, including both print and cursive practice, which is a valuable method for not only practicing handwriting but also memorizing Scripture and teaching spelling, grammar and writing

• Project Pages and Scientific Speculation Sheets for your student to use to keep records of experiments, projects and activities completed throughout the course

• A selection of book and dvd suggestions to complement your student’s studies, as well as projects and experiments to help your student Dig In Deeper

• Beautiful, full-color, lapbook-style Miniature Books for your student to create, encouraging him or her to record facts and information learned in each lesson

• Field Trip Sheets your student can use to keep a record of field trips or outings enjoyed during his or her studies

• A Final Review with fifty questions to be answered either orally or in writing to show off all your student remembers and knows about botany

Your child will treasure his notebooking journal as he makes it his very own with words and illustrations, reflecting all he has learned in his pursuit of science. Additionally, the journal will serve as your record of your student’s scientific endeavors throughout the year. When your child flips through his notebook, he will be reminded of the knowledge he has attained as he peruses the pages he has created.   A variety of activities include full-color mini-books, additional fun experiments, crosswords, and supplementary materials. Recommended for use with students who have mastered handwriting, can take notes, and enjoy upper elementary level activities.

Young Explorers author, Jeannie Fulbright, discusses the immersion approach to learning.