Michael Clay Thompson has written a truly delightful novel in which the main protagonist is Fishmeal the duck. In this story Fishmeal has taken a cabin in the woods. Unbeknownst to him, danger lurks in the form of the Mounching Monster, who views Fishmeal as a tasty snack. Fishmeal initially manages to avoid disaster by inviting the monster to breakfast in his cottage. Soon Fishmeal is joined by Queequack, and little by little they transform the Mounching Monster into a benefactor to all those in his environment.

Their success with the Mounching Monster is matched by their ability to transform a group of angry farmers into admirers of the monster and to make friends with a wounded wolverine.

This novel entertains while teaching classic words and offering wonderful turns of phrase. The story races from adventure to adventure, delivering a message that is powerful without being didactic. Michael highlights examples of vocabulary, grammar, and poetic techniques in language illustrations. Classic words are defined at the bottom of the pages.

Fishmeal and the Mounching Monster Sample Pages: