Ten-year-old Sherry Alston was never told about her half sister, Miranda. Yet soon after Sherry arrives at her Aunt Judith’s house, she somehow begins to learn the dead girl’s secrets. Lindsey and Tammy, who live next door, decide to keep an eye on Sherry. Gradually, they too begin to feel Miranda’s presence.

As the unexplainable incidents multiply, Miss Judith convinces her brother, Dr. Alston, to try to communicate with his dead daughter through a medium. Tammy and Lindsey, suspicious of the famous medium, unmask her powers only to find that there are deeper mysteries still.

This is a haunting story of two half sisters, trying to communicate their need for love and recognition. The eerie mood of mystery that surrounds the girls is perfectly captured by Caldecott Medal winner Trina Schart Hyman’s illustrations.