Grammar Town – Student Book (Third Edition)

By: Michael Clay Thompson


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This is the grammar book in Level 2 of the MCT language arts curriculum.

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Grammar Town builds on the foundation presented in Grammar Island and offers increasingly sophisticated concepts within the theme of a townscape. It continues the full four-level grammar analysis of (1) parts of speech, (2) parts of the sentence, (3) phrases, and (4) clauses. This four-level analysis is a fundamental part of the MCT language arts curriculum.

The four-level analysis method makes grammar accessible to children and shows them, through plenty of examples and continual reinforcement of the concepts, that the bad things often said about grammar are untrue. Grammar is surprisingly simple, and it is beautiful in its simplicity. This is important because grammar is the foundation upon which children’s entire language arts mastery rests. The many paintings of buildings and street scenes in the book offer a beautiful counterpoint to Michael’s lovely color illustrations of grammar concepts.

The Practice Town workbook provides an extra 100 practice sentences for four-level analysis.

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