Hereward the Wake: The Last of the English

By: Charles Kingsley


Adventure and heroism abound in this thrilling novel.


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This epic tale follows the life of the legendary Anglo-Saxon hero, Hereward, who fought against the Norman Conquest of England in the 11th century. Kingsley’s vivid storytelling captures the spirit of adventure and heroism in this thrilling novel, bringing to life the battles, intrigue, and political maneuvering of the time. Through Hereward’s story, readers will be transported to a time of great upheaval and change in England’s history.

As well as being an entertaining read, Hereward the Wake offers an opportunity for readers to explore themes of identity, loyalty, and resistance to oppression.

It’s a book that will appeal to both history buffs and fans of action-packed adventure stories. If you’re looking for an epic tale of heroism and rebellion, then “Hereward the Wake” is the perfect book for you.

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Charles Kingsley


Living Press Books


Paperback, Hardcover


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