In the Days of Alfred the Great

By: Eva March Tappan


Journey to the 9th century and experience the valor, wisdom, and legacy of a king who shaped England’s destiny.


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Thrust into leadership in an age of war and spiritual discord, Alfred struggles to steer his kingdom through chaos. Will his vision for a unified, educated England come to fruition? ‘In the Days of Alfred the Great’ transports readers to the 9th century, a pivotal period in English history marked by the reign of King Alfred.

Known for his wisdom, courage, and dedication to learning, Alfred’s rule was a beacon of enlightenment during the Dark Ages. This engaging narrative not only chronicles the life and achievements of the great king but also paints a vivid picture of daily life, warfare, and culture of the time. Readers will be immersed in the battles against Viking invaders, the establishment of schools, and the creation of laws that shaped the nation.

The book’s rich historical detail and compelling storytelling make it a fascinating read for history enthusiasts, students, and anyone interested in exploring the legacy of one of England’s most revered monarchs.


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Eva March Tappan


Living Press Books


Paperback, Hardcover


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