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Kindergarten Curriculum Manual Sample
First Start Reading Student Books:A SampleB SampleC SampleD SampleE Sample
First Start Reading Teacher Samples: Books A-D

Phonics Flashcards Sample
Classical Phonics Sample

Is your child ready for Kindergarten?

Everything you need for one complete school year!

Based on years of research, Memoria Press is pleased to offer the second year of planned Junior K-12 classical curriculum. Now your child can have a Highlands Latin education at home using the very same materials the teachers use in Memoria’s highly acclaimed Kindergarten program. By following the daily lesson plans in the full-year Curriculum Guide, you will have every tool you need to give your child the very best education possible.

This outstanding phonics/reading program provides extensive practice in the critical first step of learning to read–blending short vowels in three-letter words. To ensure reading success, this provides abundant reading practice, including First Start Reading’s 25 phonetic stories, 20 additional beginner books, and three colorful readers with short stories that will reward and motivate your beginning reader.

The Kindergarten Curriculum is designed for reading-ready children, those usually 4-6 years old with the ability to count to ten, print their names, recognize most letters, rhyme words, and segment sounds.

The primary goal of this curriculum, of course, is learning to read. Additional goals of no less importance are: correct pencil grip, correct letter and number formation, and basic arithmetic, including counting, addition, subtraction, telling time, and counting money.

To complete the Literature & Enrichment portion of the curriculum, you will need the weekly read-alouds. These can be purchased in a set from Classical Education Books or gathered at the library, or you may already own many of these classic books.

Click here to read Cathy Duffy’s Review of Memoria Press’ Complete Curriculums.

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Set Includes:

Kindergarten Curriculum Manual
First Start Reading Book A
First Start Reading Book B
First Start Reading Book C
First Start Reading Book D
First Start Reading Teacher Guide Second Ed (A-D)
Classical Phonics
Phonics Flashcards
Core Skills Phonics K
Core Skills Phonics 1
Animal Alphabet Coloring Book
Christian Liberty Nature Reader
Soft and White
Scamp and Tramp
Fun in the Sun
The Story Bible
Christian Studies Enrichment: Kindergarten – 2nd Grade
Beginning Arithmetic: Grade 1 Workbook, Part 1
Beginning Arithmetic: Grade 1 Teacher’s Manual
Beginning Arithmetic: Grade 1 Practice Sheets
Numbers Book Part One
Numbers Book Part Two
Arithmatic Flashcards: Addition and Subtraction 0-18
Copybook I
Composition & Sketchbook I
100 Days of Summer Reading I
Kindergarten Enrichment
Music Enrichment: Kindergarten – 2nd Grade
Kindergarten Art Cards
The Book of Crafts, Kindergarten

A Child’s Book of Poems
Animals Animals

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