MCT Level 1 Complete Homeschool Package


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This is the Michael Clay Thompson language arts curriculum complete homeschool package for children at Level 1, the Island Level. It includes both student books and teacher manuals for each strand of the curriculum: grammar, vocabulary, writing, poetics, practice, and literature.

This package also includes an implementation booklet that provides both a general implementation guide and a detailed, week-by-week lesson plan for all strands of the curriculum. The implementation booklet is available ONLY to those people who have purchased a complete pack.

Product Description

Included in Set:

  1. Grammar Island Student Book
  2. Grammar Island Teacher Manual
  3. Building Language Student Book
  4. Building Language Teacher Manual
  5. Sentence Island Student Book
  6. Sentence Island Teacher Manual
  7. The Music of the Hemispheres Student Book
  8. The Music of the Hemispheres Teacher Manual
  9. Practice Island Student Book
  10. Practice Island Teacher Manual
  11. The Mud Trilogy Set with Parent Manual

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