MCT Level 6 Package of Student Books with No Instructor Manuals


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This package contains one each of the student books only (no instructor manuals) at Level 6 of the Michael Clay Thompson language arts curriculum, which includes grammar, vocabulary, writing, poetics, practice, and literature, offered at a reduced price.

Additional student books can also be ordered separately.

Product Description

Included in Set:

  1. The Magic Lens 2: Student Book
  2. The Word Within the Word 2: Student Book
  3. Advanced Academic Writing 2: Student Book
  4. Poetry, Plato, and the Problem of Beauty: Student Book
  5. 4Practice 2: Student Book
  6. The War of Worlds
  7. The Red Badge of Courage
  8. Kidnapped

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Additional Information

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Dimensions 6 × 9 × .2 in

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