Newton at the Center Package

By: Joy Hakim, Johns Hopkins University


This rich, multidisciplinary curriculum to accompany Joy Hakim’s Newton at the Center covers astronomy, physics, and chemistry from Copernicus to the Curies, from the fifteenth to the twentieth centuries.

The course of study is divided into seven units. Each unit includes an introduction (with background, materials list, and standards) and nine class sessions.

The Teacher’s Quest Guide includes embedded reading strategies to facilitate greater comprehension; hands-on science experiments to encourage learning by discovery; timeline activities; several review and assessment activities for each unit; and even a time-traveling cartoon character, Professor Quest, to summarize the main point of the lessons. Multiple cross-curricular links suggest additional activities in language arts, history, art, and other subjects to extend learning.

The accompanying Student’s Quest Guide includes all necessary student sheets. This curriculum is ideal for traditional physical science classes, enrichment programs, and home-school settings.

This package includes Newton at the Center textbook, Student Guide, and Teacher Guide.


Newton at the Center Textbook


Newton at the Center Student Guide


Newton at the Center Teacher Guide


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The Story of Science Series

Aristotle Leads the Way
Aristotle Leads the Way Student Guide
Aristotle Leads the Way Teacher Guide
Aristotle Leads the Way Package

Newton at the Center
Newton at the Center Student Guide
Newton at the Center Teacher Guide
Newton at the Center Package

Einstein Adds a Dimension

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Joy Hakim,
Johns Hopkins University


Smithsonian Books


Hardcover, Paperback



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