Physics for the Logic Stage Combo

By: Hudson, Paige


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Physics for the Logic Stage leads the middle school student through a study of forces, motion, and more by digging deeper into what was studied during the elementary years.

The level of work my students did with Physics for the Logic Stage has been quite fitting. They are grateful to you for the format you use to present the units. It really has been less of a struggle for them to complete science and they actually enjoy it again.” -Review by Dee P.

Foster independently learning in your middle school student! OurPhysics for the Logic Stage Student Guide includes all student assignment sheets, sketches, experiment sheets and blank report pages that they will need to complete the year. Each of the student assignment sheets contains the weekly topic, sketch assignment, experiment directions, report options, dates to enter, and memory work.

Guide your students through learning about physics! OurPhysics for the Logic Stage Teacher Guide contains the student assignments sheets plus 2 day and 5 day schedules to help you plan out the year. The guide also gives tips on how to lead your student through the program, comprehension questions, answers for the student’s work, and unit tests for you to use.

This printed combo includes:

  • Physics for the Logic Stage Teacher Guide
  • Physics for the Logic Stage Student Workbook

Product Description

Required Book List

To complete the Physics for the Logic Stage curriculum, you will also need the following materials.

The following books are the main spines of this program. You will need to purchase it to complete the reading assignments scheduled in this program.

The following encyclopedias are scheduled for additional reference reading. They are optional, but Elemental Science suggests that you purchase one or two to use throughout the year.


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Hudson, Paige


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