From the Publisher:

Now you can use the Teaching the Classics method with a formal reading and literature curriculum guide that fits your busy schedule!

Reading Roadmaps is a comprehensive, 231-page, Scope & Sequence manual containing annotated reading lists for grades K-12.   Designed as a supplement to the Teaching the Classics basic seminar, it brings together more than 200 classic titles specially chosen by Adam and Missy Andrews.  Each entry summarizes the story’s plot, conflicts, themes, and literary devices, along with links to teacher resources and suggestions for alternate titles.

Reading Roadmaps adapts to your style by offering SIX different curriculum models—from the Daily Model, designed for classroom teachers who address Lit every day, to the Seasonal Model, designed for parents focused on Math and Science who want some exposure to Lit as well.  Whatever your level of interest in this subject, Reading Roadmaps can help you get results. (View a sample entry)

With more than 200 pages of resources, Reading Roadmaps offers guidance on every aspect of teaching Lit, including:

  • Lesson planning — step-by-step instructions for conducting an oral discussion using the Teaching the Classics model, with special attention to each grade level from K-12
  • Writing from literature — instructions for assigning and grading literature essays for all ages, including sample essays and our exclusive “Tootsie-Roll” diagram
  • Teaching objectives — a list of goals for each year from K-12 to keep your students on track toward a complete literary education
  • Grading and credits — complete instructions for grading oral discussions and reading/writing assignments, including reproducible grade sheets