The Reasoning & Reading workbooks develop basic language and thinking skills that build the foundation for reading comprehension. Exercises reinforce reading as a critical reasoning activity. Many exercises encourage students to come up with their own response in instances in which there is no single correct answer. In other cases, exercises lend themselves to students working collaboratively to see how many different answers satisfy a question.

All the books in the series share the following:

  • Unit I, Word Meaning: comparing, contrasting, and classifying words, and discriminating between good and vague definitions
  • Unit II, Sentence Meaning: complete sentences, recognizing the main thought, as well as time order, cause and effect, comparison, generalizations, and examples
  • Unit III, Paragraph Meaning: topic sentences, signal words, unity, examples, and support for the main idea
  • Unit IV, Reasoning Skills: fact and opinion, relevance, syllogisms, and inferences