Song School Spanish Book 2 – DVD

By: Monique Burgos


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A yearlong course for grades 2-3

The Song School Spanish Book 2 DVD Set includes 24 episodes featuring a lively, native Spanish maestra who teaches students with engaging vocabulary and grammar lessons. Students will continue to enjoy following Ellen in the Little Moments stories. They will also have the opportunity to practice review vocabulary from Song School Spanish Book 1. We are sure this video will be the highlight of your school week. Your students will be recounting the stories and words they learn from their digital friends and asking for repeat performances. The multi-modal approach of this video promises to delight and inform young students and set them on a course to loving Spanish.

Song School Spanish Book 2 continues the engaging introduction to Spanish started in Song School Spanish Book 1. Each weekly lesson is peppered with songs, illustrations, handwriting practice, and activities for easy mastery and memorization. These activities include matching, writing, fill-in-the-blank, and drawing. Students will learn 185 everyday Spanish vocabulary words and phrases for people, places, things, actions, feelings, questions, days of the week, months of the year, the weather, and more. As the perfect bridge between Song School Spanish Book 1 and Spanish for Children Primer A, Song School Spanish Book 2 gently and gradually introduces students to Spanish grammar, as well as new vocabulary, amply preparing students to move on to the next step of their Spanish language studies.

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