Spanish for Children – Primer A

By: Kraut, Julia Foose, Sarah Durrell, Grant


Preview: Spanish for Children Primer A (Student Edition)

The Spanish for Children Primer A Program teaches upper-elementary students this dynamic language using the pedagogy and structure of Classical Academic Press’ popular Latin for Children series combined with immersion-style dialogues and vocabulary. The Spanish for Children series emphasizes grammar and the parts of speech as vital tools for the correct speaking and understanding of Spanish. The texts also use lively chants to aid memorization of both grammar and vocabulary.

Spanish for Children Primer A contains thirty-seven weekly chapters, including eight review chapters. Each chapter contains a memory page, a grammar page, a delightful worksheet, and a quiz. Students will learn over 290 commonly used vocabulary words. Engaging and conversational text, as well as grammar concepts, such as verb conjugation, tenses, and noun genders, will teach students to construct Spanish sentences well. All teaching and explanation provided in the student edition is written at the student’s reading level.

A special note from the Spanish for Children author, Julia Kraut:

Our goal with the SFC series is to teach students “why.” We focus on the rules that govern the language and spend a large amount of time comparing Spanish and English grammar. In many ways the series doesn’t teach just Spanish, it teaches how to go about learning a language in general. This is different from the “scenario-focused” approach of many other textbooks, where students learn vocabulary that relates to specific subjects, and then learn to discuss those subjects. While students using SFC do memorize vocabulary each week, using groups of related words to talk about various subjects and scenarios is “the icing on the cake”–the “cake” being an understanding of the patterns of the Spanish language, knowing which word belongs where and why.

For placement recommendations and other questions, please see FAQ page.

Spanish for Children Primer A Audio Pronunciation (MP3)

List of All Spanish for Children Primer A Cantos Sections (PDF)

Spanish for Children Suggested Schedule (PDF)

Spanish for Children Primer A Flash Cards (PDF) These flash cards are keyed to the vocabulary learned in Primer A. Decks are split into two different decks (Spanish and English) so that you can print them separately or on the backs of each other (single sided or double sided). Spanish Flash Cards – English Flash Cards

Spanish for Children Primer A Errata (PDF)

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Kraut, Julia
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