A yearlong syllabus for teaching Windows to the World: An Introduction to Literary Analysis. This resource makes it easy. Also recommended: Teaching the Classics.

This one-year course is to be used in conjunction with Teaching the Classics by Adam and Missy Andrews and Windows to the World by Lesha Myers.

These lessons plans make it easy to give your high school student an introduction to literary analysis. The syllabus begins with an optional 5-week overview of Teaching the Classics. It will then take you through the Windows to the Worldprogram providing complete direction for teaching the course with the addition of a few short stories, two novels, and a play. You can change out the novels and play if you wish, or add another novel or two if desired. The entire course will provide a full year’s credit toward literary analysis.

Including activities, quizzes, homework assignments, and grading options, the Teacher’s Notes in this syllabus contain step-by-step lesson plans to lead a weekly class of one or more students. The accompanying Student Homework Pages provide the student with clear homework instructions and grade sheets, so they know exactly what is expected.

The Teacher’s Notes are appropriate for both new and experienced teachers. Previous experience with the Institute for Excellence in Writing’s Teaching Writing: Structure & Style will certainly make teaching and grading the writing part much easier, but it is not a requirement.