Is math easy for your child or does he work as quickly and accurately as you know they are capable? If the answer is “no”, multiplication may be the culprit. Most children memorize the times tables through 10 during early grammar school. It is important to review the tables each subsequent year as they are used for higher and harder math applications, yet students are rarely given time to do so. Textbooks assume students have already mastered multiplication, but this is rarely so. Even students who like math struggle with new concepts because they are spending time factoring or finding multiples instead of applying their time and energy to new concepts. Tables, Squares, & Cubes provides the tables and self-teaching methods necessary to help all ages of students master the times tables for 1 through 15, and the common squares and cubes seen in algebraic equations. Tables, Squares, & Cubes is inexpensive, non-consummable, and multi-sensory so parents can help all their children master multiplication basics and succeed in school.