The 25th: New and Selected Christmas Essays

By: Joshua Gibbs


Every December, Christians are given new reasons to not take Christmas seriously. We are told that Christmas was originally a pagan holiday, that Jesus was not born on December 25th, that Christmas traditions have all lost their meaning, and that Christmas has been snowed under by hedonistic commercialism. While the enemies of the Church are all too happy to have Christians believe such nonsense, in The 25th, Joshua Gibbs argues that none of it is true. Rather, Christians have every reason to robustly celebrate Christmas with the confidence they are participating in one of the oldest, deepest, and greatest mysteries of God.

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Joshua Gibbs is the author of How to Be Unlucky: Reflections on the Pursuit of VirtueSomething They Will Not Forget: A Handbook for Classical Teachers and Blasphemers. He teaches great books at Veritas School in Richmond, VA. His wife is generous and his children are funny.

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November 23, 2020


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Joshua Gibbs


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