Birdie is new at Pine Forest School, and he isn’t having a very good first day. He is so small that some of the other animals pick on him and make fun of him. Then he meets Bear, the biggest animal in the school. Bear befriends Birdie, and the friends learn that together, anything is possible.

The Bird and the Bear is a story about the power of friendship and how making friends makes us happier and less afraid. The book is filled with endearing and engaging illustrations by Jeanne Benas and includes guiding questions at the end.

Stephen “Dr. Bird” Birchak has written this delightful book based on his own real-life experiences in school. He speaks to parents, teachers, and children in schools throughout the nation on issues of kindness, character, compassion, choices, and mindfulness. Dr. Bird was named New York State Champion of Character and received the Friend of Education Award from the New York School Administrator’s Association. He is also the author of several books, including How to Build a Child’s Character by Tapping into Your Own.

This book also comes in a version that is printed in a special dyslexia-friendly font that may make it easier for some children with visual processing problems to read. Click here for that version.

The Bird and the Bear Sample Pages: