The First Fowler: Book II – The Green Ember Archer

By: S. D. Smith


A Green Ember story set after the attack on Cloud Mountain and the battle at Jupiter’s Crossing. 

In this sequel to The Last Archer, Jo Shanks is back in action against the Preylord tyrants. Alongside Helmer and Emma, this riveting adventure sees Jo on a perilous journey where survival and the cause itself are at stake.

Faced with a calamitous quandary, the loyal band of rabbits must break out of a fatal trap and survive to breath life into the fledgling resistance. 

An heir in peril. An archer hunted from the skies. 

Who will hunt the hunter?

“The battle is on for the Mended Wood, and a perilous journey awaits the courageous band of rabbits we’ve come to love so much. With birds of prey stalking the air and wolves encamped at every turn, just how far can bravery and ingenuity take them? The First Fowler is another thrilling tale from the mind of S.D. Smith, who is at his best when helping us see the beauty of a life spent in service to a greater cause. My family cannot get enough of The Green Ember Series

Scott James, author of The Littlest WatchmanThe Expected OneMission Accomplished, and the forthcoming children’s book Where Is Wisdom? (B&H, March 2020)

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Other books in the Series:

The Green Ember – Book I
Ember Falls – Book II
Ember Rising – Book III
Ember’s End – Book IV

The Black Star of Kingston – Tales of Old Natalia
The Wreck and Rise of Whitson Mariner – Tales of Old Natalia

The Last Archer- Green Ember Archer I
The First Fowler – Green Ember Archer II
The Archer’s Cup – Green Ember Archer III

Combo Options:

Green Ember Combo – 8 Volumes
Green Ember Combo – 4 Volumes
The Green Ember Combo Hardcovers – 4 Volumes
Tales of Old Natalia – 2 Volumes
Green Ember Archer Combo – 3 Volumes


About S. D. Smith:

S.D. Smith is the best husband Gina Smith has so far had and father to four Smithereens who are still young enough to appreciate what passes for his wit and wisdom. Sam is a West Virginia native, a sometime sojourner in southern Africa and the Caribbean, and current resident of his house.

Sam is an award-losing author, having featured as a runner-up for the West Virginia Fiction Award, World Magazine’s Children’s Book of the Year, and Audible’s Kids Audiobook of the Year. He has also lost every other literary award ever given over the entire course of human history. 

Sam is a co-founder of Story Warren, a site for parents and others dedicated to helping foster holy imagination in children. He is passionate about Kindling Imagination for Kingdom Anticipation, about how stories and play can train us for a richer faith and more intentional lives.


About The Green Ember:

  • Finalist for Audible’s Kid’s Book of the Year
  • Spent days as #1 bestselling overall audiobook in the world on Audible
  • Persistently Amazon’s #1 Bestseller in multiple categories in multiple formats (print, ebook, audio)
  • Achieved Top 100 Author Rank on Amazon (highest at #51 overall)
  • Spent days as #1 Bestselling Kid’s Audiobook in the World on Audible, topping Harry Potter
  • Finalist for Children’s Book of the Year in World Magazine

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December 2019


S. D. Smith


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