The Mud Trilogy Set

By: Michael Clay Thompson


A parent on the RFWP Support Forum says, “We are loving the Mud Trilogy already! I’m reading them aloud to my son, as I don’t want to miss out. We love all the characters; Baldwin is a hoot!”

The Rescue at Fragment Crag, The Red Tide, and The Green-Face Virus by Michael Clay Thompson feature the characters he created in his language arts curriculum to help explain grammar and writing rules. Following requests for more about these characters, he decided that Mud the Fish should have a series of adventures of his own. The novels are described as classic word novels, designed to introduce young readers to the literary words Michael identified in his classic words vocabulary research. They are full-length books (around 100 pages each), exuberant, funny, and abounding in alliteration and other poetic techniques. Difficult words are defined at the bottom of each page. The books are illustrated with charming drawings.

Michael writes in the introduction, “These Mud novels are like training wheels for the classics, with big words, long length, complex characters, intricate plots, and big ideas, all in a magical world where little animals love sentences and stay loyal to each other.”

The parent manual includes a short essay by Michael about each novel, a list of strategies and activities for children to do, vocabulary words to study in advance of the readings, quotations for quote quizzes, and discussion questions.

The Mud Trilogy Parent Manual Sample Pages:

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The Red Tide
The Rescue at Fragment Crag
The Green-Face Virus
Parent Manual (not for sale separately)

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