From the Publisher:

Each volume in the Ready Readers series provides complete discussion notes for a collection of classic stories, including questions from the Socratic List on all major structural and stylistic elements:  Conflict, Plot, Characters, Setting, Theme, Context and Literary Devices. Each question is answered in full with references to the text. Ready Readers also provides completed story charts and a short author biography for each title.

Want to see an example?  Click here to download our notes on The Bronze Bow by Elizabeth George Speare.

Ready Readers is based on the Teaching the Classics approach to reading, which involves working with stories at or below a student’s reading level.  While the volumes in this series are appropriate to the reading level of a specific age group, they can be applied to grades at their reading level and up.

prepared discussion of five works of juvenile literature including classic titles such as J.R.R. Tolkien’s The Hobbit and Robert Louis Stevenson’s Treasure Island, this edition of Ready Readers is appropriate for the junior high level and above.

Ready Readers: Middle School Literature follows the pattern set by the first two volumes in the series, providing a full set of Socratic discussion questions for 5 classic junior-high level stories with comprehensive answers keyed to the text.  Questions cover Conflict, Plot, Setting, Characters, Theme, Literary Devices, and Context.  In addition, a completed Story Chart graphically outlines the major structural and thematic elements of each story.

This resource is appropriate for use with students in grades 6 and up, depending on their needs:


Ready Readers: Middle School Literature helps develop good reading comprehension in junior high level students.  It encourages them to ponder well-designed questions about structure, style, context, and theme in every story they read.


The books discussed here were written for junior high and high school students.  They provide excellent examples of the structural elements common to all stories.  They are therefore useful even in discussions with older students, who read at a higher level, but may be new to the techniques of literary analysis.

Ready Readers: Middle School Literature provides complete discussion notes for the following classic stories: