The Secret Code of Senses: Instructor Guidebook

By: Jordan Novak; Cody Rounds


Many young children have never thought much about the ways in which their bodies alert them to what is happening around them, nor have they examined how their bodies react to what is happening inside them, whether physically or emotionally. But our bodies tell us many things, and by using our senses, we can learn both about the world around us and about our inner worlds as well.

The Secret Code of Senses Instructor Guidebook goes step by step through the student book, providing helpful information to share with children about the concept of intentional sensing. Using this technique, children can learn how to use their senses to refocus their emotions. This can be helpful in times of stress, but it is also useful for building concentration in times of distraction. Our bodies are always with us, so they are a great tool to use to redirect our attention.

The book also explores how we can listen to the body to learn more about what we are feeling, including both our physical sensations and our emotions. Children who are attuned to the signals from their bodies and who learn how to focus on their bodies to calm their minds will have a valuable set of skills that will benefit them for a lifetime.

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