The Snow Queen: A Story in Seven Parts

By: Hans Christian Andersen, Retold by Neil Philip


A retelling of the magical fairytale of quest, love and innocence, from the master storyteller via a well known folklorist and writer, with exquisite detailed illustrations.

Product Description

The Snow Queen is the most magical and profound of all Hans Andersen’s fairy tales. It is a quest full of mystery, humour and adventure, and its uplifting theme is the power of innocence and enduring love.

When Kay’s heart turns to ice and he falls under the spell of the beautiful Snow Queen, little Gerda leaves home to search for him. On her way she encounters many dangers, but she never forgets Kay. She makes friends with flowers and birds, and with the bold robber girl who lends her a reindeer to take her to the Snow Queen’s palace.

The lively, vivid text has been illustrated by Sally Holmes with all the loving, detailed attention it deserves. This is a sparkling re-telling of the famous classic from the pen of Hans Christian Andersen.

Originally the son of a poor shoemaker, the secret of Andersen’s success is that he wrote his stories as if he were telling them to a child. None of the original magic has been lost in this joyful new edition.

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Hans Christian Andersen,
Retold by Neil Philip

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