If you’re looking for the perfect source texts for supplemental assignments or new lessons, this resource is for you! Includes reproducible texts for Units 1–6.

Craft your own lessons with these source texts or provide additional practice at the point of need. All source texts in this packet are reproducible within a family or classroom.


  • Articles and Stories for Units 1 & 2
  • Narrative Stories for Unit 3
  • Mini Book Sets for Units 4 & 6
  • Pictures for Unit 5

Units 1 and 2 Articles and Stories
These articles and stories are a convenient collection of general paragraphs that can be used when teaching Units 1 and 2.

Unit 3 Narrative Stories
These stories provide teachers with lighthearted texts based on fables, myths, fairy tales, and legends and are perfect material for teaching Unit 3.

Units 4 and 6 Mini-Books
These interesting animal topics Mini-Books may be used to teach collecting facts that stay on topic for a solid paragraph (Unit 4), or a teacher may use them as a transition toward independent library research (Unit 6).

Unit 5 Pictures
These humorous, sequential pictures are an excellent choice for teaching the Writing from Pictures model.