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Dear Parents and Students,

We have a passion for books, reading, writing, and the gift of language which allows us to communicate with each other, and with our Creator.

Love Your Story Bookshop believes that there is more to a story than just the paper it’s printed on. It’s an experience, a process, and a journey. The books we read can take us to places and times beyond our ability. Stories can touch our imagination and change our understanding. They shape our souls and our characters.

For this reason, we believe that stories are powerful, and should be handled with care. We have spent many hours curating a collection of books that will satisfy your thirst for adventure or your longing for friendship. Looking for mystery or legend? Fairytale or children’s picture books? We have something to share with you!



What makes us different from other mammoth, online booksellers?

We can be trusted with your child’s imagination. If we’re recommending it, then you can place it in your child’s hands knowing that it’s been read and loved many times by children, and even though we might not like to admit it, many adults. As C.S. Lewis said, “A children’s story that can only be enjoyed by children is not a good children’s story.” So parents it’s ok. Pick up these books, read them out loud to your children. Laugh and cry with them. Love the story. Love your beautiful relationship with your child as you adventure together.

Love what you are reading, love what you are writing, and love your story.




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You will notice that our Books section is listed by age. That’s a handy way to help you decide what might be appropriate for your child.

While we recommend all our books without reservation, here are some to start with. We’re purposeful about not putting a grade level to our suggestions because we understand that children learn at different paces, even within the grades. So please review our recommendations and apply them to your readers at their ability, not their grade so that we can give them the confidence to become excellent readers.


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