We are looking for book reviewers and we want to hear from your children.

It’s pretty simple; find a book from any genre on our website, read it, write a review, and then submit it to us by email. There is no requirement to purchase the book from our website. If you already own the book or can borrow it from a friend or the library go ahead and do that.

Writing a book review will give your developing writers an opportunity to practice summarizing, analyzing and evaluating. It will also build confidence in forming opinions and building arguments.

There is a range of opinions on what a book review should include. We are looking for three parts:
1. An introductory section that includes the title, author, and the name of the book reviewer.

2. A short summary with no spoilers (5-7 sentences). This is where your writer will set the stage, and reveal the genre, theme, main conflict, and main characters. A general rule is not to include anything from the mid-point.

3. A few sentences that express the reviewer’s opinion and evaluation of the book and whether they would recommend it or not and to whom they would recommend it.

All reviews can be submitted to carleigh@classicaleducationbooks.ca with the subject: “KIDVIEWS“.

Every review will be read! We will choose, on a monthly basis, one review to be highlighted on our website and social media platforms. Reviews received by the 30th of the month will be considered for the following month’s submission.

The winner will be announced on social media and contacted by email.

We will not be posting pictures of your children on our website or social media platforms but will be using their names.

Oh ya…the icing on the cake! If we use your child’s review they will earn a $10 gift card. They can choose from Dairy Queen, Tim Hortons or our bookstore…maybe another book to review?

Finally, all ages and abilities are encouraged to submit their reviews. It is perfectly acceptable to have your child dictate their thoughts to you while you type.

Happy writing!

The Wind in the Willows…review by Addison Schmale

Watership Down…review by Aimee Baltzer

The Green Ember…review by Michael Silver

The Princess and the Goblin…review by Abigail Baltzer

The Ark…review by Emily Szostak

What’s Your Angle, Pythagoras?…review by Devra Sikkema

Wingfeather Saga…review by Jessica Ocampos

Many Waters…review by Lily Evans

The Winged Watchman…review by Liana Terlouw

The Singing Tree… review by Julie Yong

Home in the Woods… review by Ella Bechard