All About Spelling Level 6 – Teacher’s Manual & Student Packet

By: Marie Rippel

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All About Spelling Level 6 Materials includes the Teacher’s Manual and one Student Packet (which contains the flashcards, charts, and other necessary components).


All About Spelling Level 6 - Student Packet


All About Spelling Level 6 - Teacher's Manual


All About Reading - Basic Interactive Kit

This is an optional addition. Choose either the Basic Interactive Kit, or the Deluxe Interactive Kit.


Product Description

Look inside… All About Spelling Level 6 – Teacher’s Manual
All About Spelling Level 6 – Student Packet

When you order this set of Level 6 Materials, you’ll receive these two items:

  1. Level 6 Teacher’s Manual
  2. Level 6 Student Packet

Please note: In addition to the Level 6 Materials, you will also need a Basic or Deluxe Spelling Interactive Kit. The Interactive Kit contains non-consumable items that are used throughout the entire All About Spelling program.

Level 6 in the All About Spelling series brings together the three pathways to learning—auditory (hearing), visual (seeing), and kinesthetic (touching). This multisensory approach, combined with a built-in review system and reinforcement activities, ensures that students retain what they learn and understand how to apply it in practical situations.

In a practical, hands-on way, your student will learn:

  • Clues for when to use -ible and when to use -able to spell the sound of /ibl/
  • Strategies for choosing between -cle and -cal
  • Exceptions to the I-Before-E Generalization, and easy ways to remember them
  • Practice with -il, -el, -al, and -le
  • Additional spelling strategies that will help students tackle longer words with ease
  • and more!

The multisensory learning tools and activities included in the program help your student master important spelling concepts. You’ll appreciate the organization, thought and research that went into this program as you work with your student.

  • Word Sort activities help your student practice the multiple ways of spelling one sound.
  • Concept-oriented spelling lists are grouped by similar phonograms and spelling rules. This accelerates learning by organizing ideas in the student’s mind and allowing the student to concentrate on and master one or two main concepts before moving on.
  • The I-Before-E Book helps your student review, identify, and categorize words that contain ie and ei.
  • Word Banks help your student build visual memory of words.
  • The Writing Station activity gives your student a creative outlet for applying new knowledge. This activity provides the practice and structure he needs to achieve the goal of correct spelling outside the classroom.
  • Tips for the teacher anticipate and provide answers to your questions and give you on-the-spot strategies for helping your student overcome stumbling blocks. Worked seamlessly into the lessons, tips are placed right where you need them, when you need them, so you can continue your teaching uninterrupted.
  • The Homophone Pairs activity provides more practice for the student to recognize and choose the correct homophone in his own writing.
  • The Progress Chart gives your student a visual reminder of how far he has come and motivates him to master the next step.

The 30 steps of Level 6 progress in a logical, sequential order. Through direct instruction, students learn exactly what they need to know in order to spell well.

Teaching Multiple Students?

Each additional student will need:

What Does My Student Need to Know before Beginning Level 6?

Students should complete All About Spelling Level 5 before starting Level 6. All About Spelling is a building block program: each level builds upon the previous one. In order to build a strong foundation, most students start with Level 1.

What will my student learn in Level 6?

In Level 6, your student will continue to learn encoding skills, reliable spelling rules, and multisensory strategies for spelling, along with exciting new concepts including 3 new phonograms, additional suffixes, strategies for differentiating between IBLE and ABLE, and additional practice with phonograms IE and EI. Phonological awareness and encoding skills are taught throughout Level 6. Below is a sampling in each area:


  • Learn phonograms MB, GU, and AUGH
  • Spell words with A in unaccented syllables, such as extra
  • Spell words with the sound of /k/ spelled CH, such as character
  • Spell words ending in /cŭl/ spelled CLE or CAL, such as miracle and musical
  • Spell words ending in /ŭl/ spelled IL, EL, AL, or LE, such as fossil, camel, animal, and triple
  • Spell words ending in /ŭs/ spelled US or OUS, such as focus and jealous
  • Spell words ending in IBLE and ABLE, such as flexible and available

Phonological Awareness

  • Learn exceptions to the I-Before-E generalization
  • Practice spelling words with IE and EI
  • Analyze four ways to spell words ending in /ŭl/
  • Analyze two ways to spell words ending in /ŭs/
  • Learn to add suffix LY to C+l-e words
  • Learn additional suffixes, including AIN, IVE, TURE, ICE, and ATE

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