When Columbus set sail from the Spanish port of Palos early in August 1492, his dream was to reach the fabled Indies by sailing westward. Seeking fame and fortune, he found instead the lush islands of the Caribbean that today include the Bahamas, Cuba, Haiti, Jamaica, and Puerto Rico. He survived the threats of a mutinous crew, the hazards of life at sea and dissension among his colonizing troops to make three more voyages to these new Spanish possessions.

Artist and avid sailor Peter Copeland recreates significant moments and events in the dramatic story of the first voyage and the discovery of America in 41 superb drawings. Fully captioned ready-to-be-colored illustrations include an enthusiastic Columbus explaining his proposed voyage of discovery to Ferdinand and Isabella; the embarkation of the NinaPiñta, and Santa Maria; life aboard the ships; storms at sea; the fleet’s arrival in the New World; life and customs of Native Americans, and much more.


Dover Original.