Enrichment Studies Volume 2

By: Sonya Shafer


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Spread a wide feast of wonderful studies that enrich life!

Give all your students (grades 1–12) the variety of attractive subjects that makes a Charlotte Mason education so enjoyable! These enrichment subjects go beyond the “three Rs” to add life to your home school. The simple lesson plans in this volume detail how you can provide an ample feast of enriching subjects in just one hour a day.

Your family will

  • enjoy the beautiful artwork of Millet, Michelangelo, and Turner;
  • get to know Henry Wadsworth Longfellow and his poetry;
  • listen to the compositions of Haydn, Mendelssohn, and Schubert;
  • ponder the classic and imaginative Shakespeare play, As You Like It;
  • be spiritually enriched by 30 Scripture memory passages and 6 timeless hymns;
  • learn the handicraft of knitting, and the art of sculpting and painting with watercolors;
  • read wonderful literature books the whole family will love;
  • practice speaking a foreign language;
  • and form good habits that will prepare your children for life.

High School Credit

For the completion of assignments in this Enrichment Studies, Volume 2, using the Older Group of literature books, we suggest that students should be awarded 1/4 credit for Fine Arts and 1⁄2 credit for Literature. (If you continue similar Enrichment studies through all four years of high school, the student will earn 1 full credit of Fine Arts and 2 of Literature.)

Product Description

Companion Book In Series

Enrichment Studies Volume 1 

Sample Schedule

The lesson plans in Enrichment Studies, Volume 2, are very doable, taking only about 1 hour a day. Your weekly schedule would look something like this:

Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
Scripture Memory
(10 min.)Habits (10 min.)Picture Study
(10 min.)

Family Read-Aloud
(20 min.)

Scripture Memory
(10 min.)Hymn Study (5 min.)Poetry (5 min.)

Foreign Language
(15 min.)

Family Read-Aloud
(20 min.)

Scripture Memory
(10 min.)Habits (10 min.)Music Study (10 min.)

Family Read-Aloud
(20 min.)

Scripture Memory
(10 min.)Hymn Study (5 min.)Foreign Languages
(15 min.)

(20 min.)

Family Read-Aloud
(20 min.)

Scripture Memory
(10 min.)Nature Study (15+min.)Repetition: Poem
(5 min.)

Family Read-Aloud
(20 min.)

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