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Learn about the wonderful world of classical music and composition from the Baroque Period to the Modern Period in this literature-rich study! Tracing the development of orchestral music from Corelli, the father of modern violin playing, up to the time of Igor Stravinsky, students will learn of the lives of the great composers and of their triumphs and failures. Students will study the formation and instruments of the orchestra, the complex job of its conductor, read the most famous ballets, and listen to the greatest musical works in history.

Teacher guide, designed for 4-8th grade, includes notes for a combination of biographies, audio CDs, and fascinating books. Students and teachers alike will gain an appreciation for classical music and the men and women who created it. Study notes, discussion prompts, hands-on activities, vocabulary words, and website links will help connect the various figures to their music and their place in history.

•This study contains 75 lessons.
•Complete 2-3 lessons for a one-year study.

*Be sure to download the free picture packet that accompanies this study. These are coloring pictures referenced in the Teacher Guide.

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Set Includes:

History of Classical Music Study Guide
History of Classical Music Timeline
A child’s introduction to the Orchestra
Spiritual Lives of Great Composers
Paganini, Master of Strings
Musical Genius
Great Composers Coloring Book
Dance Me A Story
How to Grow a Young Music Lover

Not Included:
Music Masters Complete Collection Audio

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