In the Days of Queen Victoria

By: Eva March Tappan


Experience the life and reign of Queen Victoria in this insightful and engaging book. A journey through the Victorian era that offers a personal and historical perspective.


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In the Days of Queen Victoria by Eva March Tappan offers a vivid and engaging look at the life and reign of one of Britain’s most iconic monarchs. From her early years and ascension to the throne to her relationships and influence on the British Empire, this book provides a comprehensive and accessible overview of Queen Victoria’s remarkable life.

Tappan’s writing brings the Victorian era to life, highlighting the cultural, political, and social changes that marked the period. Readers will gain insights into the Queen’s personal struggles, her enduring love for Prince Albert, and her role in shaping a nation.

With its blend of historical accuracy and storytelling flair, In the Days of Queen Victoria is a fascinating read for history enthusiasts, royal watchers, and anyone interested in understanding the woman behind the crown.

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Eva March Tappan


Living Press Books


Paperback, Hardcover


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