Know and Tell: The Art of Narration

By: Karen Glass


Narration, the art of telling, has been used as a pedagogical tool since ancient times. Over one hundred years ago, Charlotte Mason methodized narration and implemented it in scores of schools in Great Britain. Over the past few decades, educators in the US, mostly in home schools, have followed her guidelines with outstanding results.

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This book discusses the theory behind the use of narration and then walks through the process from beginning to end, to show how simply “telling” is the foundation for higher-level thinking and writing.

While narration has grown popular among homeschoolers, it also works well in the classroom. In this book, you will find sample narrations and many resources to help you use narration with your students in any setting. If you’ve been wanting to try narration, but haven’t felt confident enough to rely on an unfamiliar method, this book will give you the tools that you need to make the process easier.

People are narrating every day, and this book will show you how to make that natural activity a vital part of education that enhances children’s relationship with knowledge and allows them to grow into skilled communicators.

From Karen’s blog:

If you’ve dipped into the educational philosophy of Charlotte Mason even a little, you’re sure to have encountered narration.

Narration is extremely simple to implement and there doesn’t seem to be much to it, on the surface. However, narration is the key that unlocks some important thinking skills. Narration is the foundation of scholarly mental habits. Narration is the core of written composition.

In Know and Tell, you’ll find a discussion of the role of narration in every day life that makes it so potent as an educational method. Narration is a relationship-building exercise. In addition to helping you understand why narration is so effective, Know and Tell will walk you through the process from beginning to end, so that you can see how each stage moves into the next.

The book is supported by dozens and dozens of narrations from real children, which illustrate how the process unfolds. The six-year-old who repeats back the last sentence you read verbatim will become the confident high school writer who can produce an essay every week, if you have the confidence in narration to use it consistently in the educational process. It is my hope that Know and Tell will give you that confidence. I’ve filled it up with tools that will help you along the way, and I hope to hear back from readers that narration is flourishing.

Click here to listen to The Mason Jar podcast episode with Cindy Rollins interviewing Karen Glass on the subject of this book. 

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