Language Lessons for a Living Education 7 – Curriculum Package

By: Kristen Pratt, Rachel Smith, Becki Dudley, Bill Looney

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Ignite a love for communication with Master Books’ award winning homeschool curriculum: Language Lessons for a Living Education. Language Lessons Level 7 is an engaging, full-color course helping students to learn and practice foundational communication skills through essays, summaries, and oral presentations.

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Language Lessons for a Living Education 7

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Successful communication is achieved as students learn new grammar and punctuation rules throughout the writing process. The study of etiquette, verbal and non-verbal communication, and worldview sets this course above the rest.

Level 7 is equivalent to a seventh-grade level and moves the student toward mastery of reading and grammar, as well as the mechanics of communication and writing. Lessons are scheduled for five days a week and can be accomplished in approximately 40 minutes.

Written for 7th grade level students, this language arts curriculum gives an overview of important grammar and punctuation rules. Students interact with those rules by recognizing them in sample sentences and applying them in their own creative writing. Lessons are designed to be personal and to challenge students to think deeply about their communication skills, and encourage them to stretch and grow in how they communicate with God and others.

To ensure your student is ready for Level 7, please refer to our placement guide.

Writing Assignments include the following:

  • a descriptive paragraph
  • a comparison and contrast paragraph
  • an expository paragraph
  • a persuasive paragraph
  • a nonfiction character sketch
  • a fiction character sketch
  • a critical book review
  • an essay

Course Overview

Exercise 1 of each lesson begins with a special feature, vocabulary and spelling words, and Scripture memory.

Exercise 2 is devoted to grammar and punctuation, including application.

Exercise 3 is all about communication. Students develop their skills in the areas of written, verbal and nonverbal, and technological communication.

Exercise 4 is the worldview day. Students will study the structure of the Bible and learn how to summarize what they have read.

Exercise 5 is a review of what students have learned in the lesson. The review may be used as a quiz or test.


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Kristen Pratt,
Rachel Smith,
Becki Dudley,
Bill Looney





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