Latin Alive: Book 2 – Test Packet (1-3 Students, PDF)

By: Deirdre Salmon


Often requested by customers, the Latin Alive! Book 2 Test Packet is a set of comprehensive, standardized tests designed to supplement Latin Alive! Book 2. It is an excellent and helpful resource for teachers and parents. The downloadable packet includes a weekly test for each chapter, a complete answer key, and suggested scoring based on a 100-point system.

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The Latin Alive! series is a relevant, rigorous, yet engaging introduction to Latin for middle and high school students. This Latin curriculum will truly make the Latin language come alive both for students who have studied Latin (such as students who have completed the Latin for Children curriculum) and for those who have not previously been introduced to Latin.

Written by experienced and enthusiastic Latin teachers, the Latin Alive! series provides complete Latin training that enables students to read and translate original Latin. The Latin Alive! series features a unique blend of grammatical training and engaging reading of original Latin texts that will help maintain student interest and impart skill, capacity, and mastery. Where other curricula downplay training in grammar, the authors of this series have found a way to teach grammar so that students understand and enjoy it. The authors present Latin grammar in small, digestible sections that are clearly illustrated and explained. As students find success decoding and reading Latin, their pleasure will increase.

The Latin Alive! series also creates student enjoyment by illustrating the relevance of Latin in history, ancient and contemporary culture, the Romance languages, English derivatives, and the grammatical structure of English. Students will see in multiple ways the benefits of Latin study. By providing training in Roman culture, myths, and history (as well as robust Latin instruction), the series also prepares students well for the National Latin Exam and the Latin Advanced Placement Exam.

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Latin Alive! Book 2 Errata
Latin Alive! Book 2 Suggested Weekly Schedule
Latin Alive! compared with Wheelock’s Latin
Latin Alive! vs. Wheelock’s Latin
Declension & Conjugation Worksheet
Roman Timeline Outline

Latin Alive! blog Author Karen Moore blogs about bringing this classical language to life.

Latin Charts! Colorful and interactive Latin charts display the five noun declensions and the verb endings for present, imperfect, future, perfect, pluperfect, and future perfect tenses. Each chart also lists the related Latin for Children and Latin Alive! chapters. Choose between colorful ready-to-go charts or cuttable interactive charts. The interactive charts are easy to color and, once cut, provide an excellent hands-on approach as students can assemble and reassemble the charts. Download the charts here: Colorful Ready-To-Go Charts – Interactive Cuttable Charts

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