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By: Patrick Fata


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Book Sample Lesson 1
Water Music, Suite in D Major (HWV 349): 2. Alla Hornpipe
Audio Sample Lesson 1: track 1.5

Western classical music is as orderly and logical as mathematics, and yet capable of expressing and connecting with the whole range of human emotions. It consists most often of only twelve notes, a few simple rhythms, and a variety of aural textures that manifest in thousands of complex and distinctive styles and forms. It follows a system of rules set in place long ago, but these rules are flexible enough that new music is always being created, building on what previous generations composed, ever expanding.

This course aims to deepen the student’s appreciation of music by grounding the greatest pieces in the canon of Western classical music in their historical context, and by introducing the foundational musical concepts of notation, rhythm, pitch, form, and melody to give a fuller understanding of the inner workings of the pieces and of music in general. Students will listen to each piece of music and then read each chapter and listen to the corresponding tracks on the Audio Companion CD, which will demonstrate the concepts discussed. The pieces are ordered mostly chronologically in order to illustrate the place each one holds in history and in the evolution of music.

You can find links to all the pieces discussed in Music Appreciation Book I here.

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You can find links to all the pieces discussed in Music Appreciation Book I here.


Music Appreciation Book I covers 26 pieces of classical music. Each chapter contains a discussion of the piece, historical context, musical concepts illustrated by the piece, facts to remember, and listening exercises.

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  1. sslamast (verified owner)

    This was the first book from Memoria Press that one of my children has worked through, and I was very impressed with it. I do not have any background knowledge of classical music, but my son is learning the piano and violin, and really loves classical music. I went through this with him around age 12. Each week we’d read through the information together, play the pieces (audio companion CD is necessary) and listen for the specific musical lesson we were learning about, and then talk just a bit about it.

    You could make this much more challenging with tests/quizzes, and have the student work through some of the music on their own with whatever instrument they’re learning. We really enjoyed this program and I will be looking for more Memoria Press in the future as it’s quite manageable to make it as “thin or thick” as you want, and it is open and go; no prep needed.

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