For thousands of years, proud Indian civilizations flourished along the narrow strip of land stretching from southern Alaska to northern California. Nootka, Cowichan, Kwakiutl, Yurok, Chinook they called themselves — and their names still echo through the great, verdant forests.

In 33 impressive, ready-to-color line drawings, museum curator and noted illustrator David Rickman recaptures the spirit and richness of these and other Native American cultures — customs and traditions, religious lore, and distinctive art. Meticulously researched, crisply rendered illustrations depict the Northwest Coast Indians in authentic warrior dress, hunting for whale, weaving robes of rare beauty, staging elaborate ceremonials, and pursuing everyday activities. Full captions identify the tribe and the period — ranging from late eighteenth to early twentieth centuries — and note the changing lifestyles wrought by time and the coming of the Europeans.

For children and adults alike, Northwest Coast Indians Coloring Book is an enlightening, enjoyable adventure into the rich past of some of the earliest Americans. 

Dover Original.