Novare Physical Science Program

By: John D. Mays


Novare Physical Science is beautiful inside and out. With a mature, developed sense of aesthetics, this book is tidy and attractive. Students love the personal style of the narrative in which the author concisely and accurately explains the concepts with evident wonder and excitement at the marvels of God’s world.


Novare Physical Science - Textbook (Third Edition)


Novare Physical Science - Digital Resources


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This physical science text is designed for grades 6–8. Novare Physical Science, 3rd Edition is beautiful and durable, and organized around the principles guiding all Novare Science & Math texts: Mastery, Integration, and Kingdom perspective. Topics covered include types of matter, energy, order and design in creation, forces and fields, measurement, motion, sound and light, electricity and magnetism, and the nature of scientific knowledge.

Good science instruction should draw students upward into the adult world of scientific inquiry. We start with a proven mastery-learning paradigm: through a carefully crafted program, students continually learn and build on their learning, reencountering key concepts and practicing scientific skills so that they become settled in the student’s mind. Each chapter begins with a list of quantifiable learning objectives and important vocabulary. Chapters also include periodic Learning Checks which provide a moment to stop and review. There are 12 “Experimental Investigations” included with the book, not in a separate manual, with instructions and materials listed. The teacher’s version of the experiment is included in the Digital Resources. Some experiments are demonstrated on YouTube videos.

You may wish to purchase the following optional resource to further supplement this course:

From Wonder to Mastery

Physical Science Experiment Parts List
Physical Science Special Parts Kit
Novare Physical Science Experiment Errata
Ping Pong Experiment Video
Hot Wheels Experiment Video
Observing Chemical Reactions Video


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John D. Mays


Novare Science and Math


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